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Located in Paris, Olivier Bourgis Communication and Marketing (OBCM) was founded in 2013 and is specialized in public relations, press visibility, and fashion shows/events for international brands. The agency's expertise extends 20 years and continues to be innovative in positioning its clients within the European market.

The agency is further specialized in online and social media positioning. By identifying the major players on the scene, OBCM partners with celebrities and influencers to obtain an increase in media visibility. Furthermore, OBCM's resources allow the agency to predict digital trends and optimize its clients' online presence and market share.

Today, OBCM encompasses a team of public relations managers and the agency's reach has gone beyond France by entering the markets in the U.S. and U.K.providing a global outreach within the print press, digital sector and international events.

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Alvaro Alda, Director of Corporate Communication and Digital Strategy

 Olivier a12e44e3210bc53d16e237a7c4555e81

Olivier Bourgis, Founder and CEO

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